Practical Tips to Create Quality Blog Content

You need to create high-quality content for your website to stand out in the competitive online market.

Can you believe me?

I have deleted 120+ blog posts because of having a lack of quality blog content.

I don’t ask, “Is it right or wrong?” But I have done it!

I have likewise deleted 1600 Quora answers linked to 120+ blog posts.

To improve my blog content ideas made me crazy. My previous blog posts became garbage to me.

I didn’t interest refining them over to delete forever.

Don’t destroy your blog post ever. Right? You look at the importance of blog content.

In this article, I show you how to create content that drives organic traffic, convert to leads, and increase sales.

Don’t make a hurry. Don’t scan it, please. If you don’t have time, right now, bookmark the page or download the PDF file [No need email] to read it later.

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How to create blog content that turns into a sales machine?

Do you know where to start? And how to start?

Do you need any preparation to write an article?

When I was a garbage writer, I could write 3000 words to 2 articles daily.

Now I need at least ten days to write an article.

You need enormous psychological matters to create feature content. If you don’t learn the psychological tips, how to use them?

Sound cool?

Don’t worry. I am with you. Keep reading.

What is my goal for this article? The ultimate guide on how to create blog content that attracts readers, convert customers, and increase leads and sales.

As if you can apply the goal to achieve the quality of content.

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01. First, set your goal:

You need a precise and concise goal. What is your aimed to create blog content? The content goal is such as website traffic, leads, or sales.

How to make a plan which is the basement of creating blog content?

  1. Buyer persona: You need to collect the biography of an ideal buyer for how to create rich content. Right?

For instance, weight loss for women over 70 aged has two things, women and over 70 aged. If you don’t follow the two features when you compose an article, your content may mislead your buyers.

  1. Buyer journey or sales funnel: Buyers take steps to finish buying. At every step, they have a distinct goal. And they apply long-tail keywords in every step.

The entire buying step is a buyer’s journey or sales funnel. Ok? The sales funnel follows the goal of creating blog content.

  1. Content map: The content map is a plan for creating quality articles. A quality website has various genres of content. The home page, contact us, and about us are separate pages with distinct goals.

You create various genre blog posts for different purposes. Right? So you need to create a content map following the buyer journey or sale funnel with a long-tail keywords list.

  1. Long-tail keywords list: To write articles, you need keywords, long-tail phrase list, with volume and tolerance competition. Otherwise, how can you pick topics to write blog posts?
  2. Content strategy: You make a plan on what and when you create blog posts. What for you write, and why? If you don’t have a precise and concise content strategy, you can’t set a goal when you create content.

First, you need to set a goal to create quality blog content. If you aren’t ready for the above five things, you don’t set the goal.


02. How to pick Long tail phrases from the keywords research?

Keyword research is to discover related search queries on how many ways your niche audience search for their needs. 

To figure out your audience’s urgent needs, problems, and heart burning pain, you need in-depth research. Research is not so easy as it sounds, but it is possible.

User intent content is the best SEO metric these days. Google likes you, prefer your content, and reword your website ranking. 

Why do you make keywords research? And how?

What do you want to discover from the research? Might we fall into a circle? The circle is long tail, search volume, and competition.

What does your audience want? How they search for their needs on a search engine? Google is the best place to know what do they need and how they search for it?

The best research items are creativity, brainstorming, and experiment. 

How to find their needs? How to write their solution? 

Quality blog content means how to give the solution by creating content better than others.


Practical Tips to Turn Quality Blog Content Into a Sales Machine.

How many parts in my title. 

  • Ten tactics.
  • Practical tactics.
  • Turn-into. 
  • A sales machine.
  • Quality blog content.

Can you create an eye-catching headline? You need more experience to write a title. 

I show you here is how to pick a long tail keyword from keywords research.

Five steps you can find your audience need genuinely. 

Exercise and example:

Step 1: Google Autosuggest

For instance, seed| head| niche| root keyword is writing skills.

The people who what to improve their writing skills are the audience for the seed keyword writing skills. 

How your audience writes search for their needs on a search engine? Look at the below image. How much-varied words do they use with writing skills?

Quality blog content

Writing skills- google auto-suggest.


Can you find A to Z words people write with writing skills?

Steps 2: Google keywords planner


Quality blog content keywords planners

Keywords planners


The tool provides us 642 keywords related to writing skills. I downloaded the sheet.

Quality blog content export keywords

Export keywords sheet- feature content.


Look at the above image. The sheet shows 642 keywords with other info. But how to pick a long-tail keyword list for your content. To choose the right keywords is the first and technical job.

Step 3: Keywords grouping

Look at below the image. After getting 642 keywords, you need to make them into groupings. My seed keyword was ‘create content‘. 

I got 320 keywords. I grouped them asunder. Loot at the image bottom for the group names.

  1. Create content
  2. Create content for social media
  3. Buyer personas
  4. Content marketing
  5. Eliminated irrelevant keywords.


Quality blog content

QUALITY CONTENT keywords group


I grouped them by tightly related keywords. Create-content-group, I get 60 keywords. If I read those 60 keywords, I can understand how different ways using various keywords people search for ‘create content.’  

Step 4: Focus keywords

I can’t focus these 60 keywords. But I can focus on a keyword. Additional keywords help me give ideas on how to write my content for user intent. 

I chose quality content that has a monthly search value of 720 with low competition. 

I can use long-tail keywords as many as I can from 60 keywords of create-content-group without pressure and full natural way. 

Step 5: Title of content:

The crafting a headline is a hard job. It is almost challenging. I use a tool to generate titles.

The title generated tool is not enough to craft a title for me. I choose different words from different titles to craft my one. 


03. What are the essential elements to create quality blog content?

1. Generosity:

To help people without interest is fun to make a connection and relationship with people over the world. If you become generous to people, success gives you a thank.

People don’t search for advice, feature, and benefit. They search for a more specific solution. They look for reading to meet what they want. 

2. Buyer’s Persona:

Have you heard a buyer persona ever? The persona is a strong element of creating quality blog content.

A buyer persona is a complete biography of the ideal niche customer. Right? 

If you don’t have a precise and concise biography, you don’t deliver the right solution in your content.

For instance, A niche is weight loss for women over 70. If you forget women and over 70 aged, your content misguide your readers. 

Buyer persona has audience need, hope, and interest so on and so forth is a buyer persona.

3. Buyer Journey:

Do you know the buyer journey or sales funnel?

When you create content, you need ideas of the buyer’s journey with clarity. In contrast, you can’t create reader intent content.

  1. Awareness: A buyer needs a solution. Your content must inform them about how to get the best solution. Your content provides a reliable guide to continue buying. 
  2. Consideration: In this stage, buyers search for top-ten, comparison, and review to make self-decision. Your content makes them ready to decide. 
  3. Decision: At this stage, the buyer finishes buying. The buyer gets pure help to buy through your content. So they thankful to you and even grateful to you.

If you don’t know the buyer’s journey, how to create quality blog content?

4. Solutions:

People search for a complete solution for what they need. The irrelevant drivel makes them crazy. You need to give a sharp, precise, and concise idea. 

If you don’t have in-depth research on niche related topics, you can’t find the actionable advice for what readers search for a solution. Right? 

In your website:

5. Visual Content:

People love images. They grab text with images. An image holds worth more than thousands of words. 

So, the image satisfies readers. It keeps the content worthy.

People like videos. The text with video can keep readers engaged. 

So, video is a valuable part of rich content.

The infographic show readers joyous in reading. And people use it and choose it. It shows sharp ideas for readers.

6. Storytelling and metaphor:

A story makes the reader engaging. Right? A metaphor makes the reader pleases. OK? And they are useful writing elements. Sure.

Every writer can’t use these elements properly. It needs more practice and other skills. Once my mentor advised me to write a story in a day up to 30 days. 

7. Content Theme:

People write different subjects in many ways. What genre of writing theme you used to create content. So, you need a clean theme when you create user intent content. And followings are a simple list. 

  1. Blog post or article. 
  2. Case Studies.
  3. Review. 
  4. Comparison.
  5. Infographics.
  6. Template & Checklist
  7. Video.
  8. Ebooks.
  9. Course.

Here, I give you an idea. You need to learn about the above topics in detail. 

8. SEO friendly content:

SEO Optimization is not our goal, but it is essential. Google doesn’t care SEO only. Google hunt for its users’ satisfaction. 

The long-form article is the latest SEO. I found in SERP, a 1000 word article, ranked over the 6000-word article. 

Visual content with images and videos is the best SEO these days. 

I found no image article in SERP  ranked over 73 images and two videos articles.

What does it mean? It helps content, but not mandatory. The entire SEO strategies itself are nothing if your audience doesn’t want to read your content. 

9. Eye-catching headlines:

The content title is a matter of CTR. Without better CTR, your site doesn’t get ranked. You need to learn how to generate the reader’s eye-catching title. 

10. CTA:

If you don’t create a content map or business plan or marketing strategies, you can’t create actionable CTA. Without a clear call to action, your content keeps nothing value. 

To create quality blog content, you need these content elements.


04. SEO and keyword placement strategies:

Where to put your collected long-tail keywords from keywords research? The keywords, layout over the content is an SEO expert job.

Look at below image of SEO oriented, engaging introductory paragraph.

Quality blog content introduction

Seductive introduction paragraph.


The following are the places where you need to put your keywords. The values are my website value.

  1. Domain name:
  2. Website name: Blogging tip 
  3. SEO friendly theme: ThemeHorse
  4. Title: Practical Tips to Turn Quality Blog Content Into a Sales Machine.
  5. First lines: 
  6. Introduction
  7. Article body
  8. Conclusion
  9. Focus keywords
  10. Meta title
  11. Meta description: 
  12. Slug or permalink: quality-content-into-sales-machine
  13. Breadcrumbs URL: Home » Blogging Tips » Writing » Quality Blog Content Into a Sales Machine
  14. Image alt-tag
  15. Category and tag


SEO Optimization content


You apply the best SEO strategies in your content to keep Google understood you, your posts and blog.


SEO Analysis result


05. Improve writing skill:

We can write our names. So we are writers. Guess what?

I was a writer, garbage writer, and because of that, I had to destroy 120+ articles from my website. I deleted 1600 Quora answers. My writing quality made me crazy.

Writing is a separate skill, and you need to be a professional writer. How to become a professional writer, you need to complete a writing course. Without course, by practice, you can’t be a sharp crafting writer.

Do you know the power, sensory, and emotional words? Can you use them with well-formed?

Can you write seductive, compelling, and motivating sentences? Do you know how to write the hook sentence? 

Do you have the grammar and spelling errors-free writing skill? You need it.

YOU NEVER CAN WRITE quality content without brilliant writing skills. Sure.

Sound hard, right?

Improve your writing skill. report. Overall score 99.

Readability score.


06. Free online writer’s tools:

To write gold-standard content, you need a few tools to improve quality, writing gets easier and quicker. 

Tools -01: Grammar and spell checker.

Grammarly link: 

ProWritingAid link: 

Tools-02:  Duplicate checker:

Copyscape link: 

Tools -03: Title Generator: 

Title Generator link:

SEOPressor link:

Tools -04: Readability and Words counter: 

Readability test tool:

Count Wordsworth:

Tools -5: Keyword research tool.

Find Google Autosuggest all keywords.



Keywords search Volume:



Tools -06: Content SEO checker.

Yoast plugin: 

SEO review:

Tools -07: Keywords-wise SERPs checker

What’s my SERP link:

Tools -08: Website and traffic status.

GA link:

SC link:

Tools -09: Page Speed and Mobile friendly.


Mobile friendly:

AMP Test:

Tools -10: Words bank

Words finder: 

By using the above tools, your content becomes super hyper quality.  


07. Buyer journey and content map:

What is the buyer’s journey? Do you know? A buyer takes many steps to finish buying.

For instance, you need a travel bag. You know nothing in the travel bag.

So, how do you start a search for a travel bag to finish buying? And the entire steps together with is a buyer’s journey. Do you want to know how? You can search for a travel bag on Google asunder.

  1. Travel bag
  2. Travelling bag
  3. Travelling bag in the USA
  4. Luggage Walmart
  5. Top ten luggage in the USA
  6. American Tourister Walmart in the USA
  7. American Tourister Zoom Underseater Tote Spinner [price at $59.49]
  8. Finish buying.

In the above steps, we call the buyer’s journey or sales funnel. What is buyer search intent?

To get information, the buyer search.

  1. About travel bag
  2. Travelling bag
  3. Travelling bag in the USA

To choose to buy the buyer search.

  1. Luggage Walmart
  2. Top ten luggage in the USA
  3. American Tourister Walmart in the USA

To buy the product, the buyer search.

  1. American Tourister Zoom Underseater Tote Spinner [price at $59.49]
  2. Finish buying.

Three sales funnel layers.

  1. Information
  2. Decision
  3. Buying

When you create content, you need to understand the emotional terms involved with the buyer’s journey. If not, how can you create high-quality content?

Every level has a goal with distinct long-tail keywords. For instance, a buyer uses a specific product name that is buying intent level.

The head keyword is a travel bag. When a customer search for head keywords as a travel bag, buyer search intent to get information.

Top-ten, reviews, and comparison help buyers decide to buy a travel bag.

If you don’t know a buyer’s journey strategy, how to create user intent content?

Keywords distribution, according to sales funnel, is a content map.


08. Clean call to action. 

A sharp call to action is a useful piece of quality blog content. What do you want from your readers after reading the content? 

In contrast, your content sends the readers nowhere. According to a sales funnel, you need different CTAs. 

Sales funnels layers:

  1. Awareness
  2. Decision
  3. Leads
  4. Sales

For every layer, it needs different CTA. 

  1. You need more ideas – awareness
  2. The best luggage brands for every budget – decision
  3. Subscribe now for details – leads
  4. Buy now – sales

Title and CTA are intimate content stuff. Did you imagine it ever? 


09. Link building:

Different genres of links dress your website with vivid content. How to use them is a matter.

a). Backlink: 

Hyper quality content can earn backlinks organic way, shares, and other social engagements. Manual way, you can increase backlinks. 

b). Outbound link: 

Google likes to interact with other members of a niche market. You introduce your readers to similar websites. In this way, you can earn backlinks. Sound cool, right?

An outbound link is an SEO metric too. Don’t use your focus keyword as anchor text for outbound links.

c). Internal link: 

The connection with other related posts in your blog through anchor text is an internal link. The Internal link can drive traffic from your domain. 

The weak posts get energy. Without promotion or organic tactics, it creates traffic. Guess what? Magic. Right?

The Internal link is one of the best SEO metrics. Google likes this more. The strategic internal links make the session duration increases, and the bounce rate declines. 

The internal links keep readers stay on your website for long times. It converts readers into customers. Powerful SEO tool ever, if you can use them right formed.


10. Social media engagement:

Who more else don’t know social media? Do you know the social media, engaging signal which is the best SEO metric?

Great content can achieve social media likes, shares, and comments. It can win thousands of adoring fans for years. 

How to create content that achieves social shares?  You need to create brilliant blog content. How to generate rich content? What is quality blog content? 

If your readers get engaged with content, share, and subscribe, then that is feature content. Otherwise, it has no definition else more. 

Create content for social media:

Content for social media, what does it mean? Share your blog post on social media. Social media is a platform for marketing and promotion. People spend more time on social media. 

Marketers join there with their marketing tools. Well, content is the best social marketing tool. 

  1. Content for Facebook.
  2. Content for Instagram.
  3. Content for twitter.
  4. Content for Pinterest. 
  5. Content for Quora’s answer.

So, when you create content, you must keep in mind considering social media. Social media readers are scanners. They pay focus here and there and run away. So, the content title and image must be the highest grade.



Writing something whatever you want on what for you want is not quality blog content. Persuasive content needs a goal, plans, and strategies. 

So, to create content needs, preparation, tools, and strategy to follow.

The traffic is the blood of online business. Quality content drives traffic. Do you know this ever?

So quality blog content is the heart of digital marketing. It is the soul of social marketing. Can you guess it?

Do you know email marketing? It is a base on persuasive content. The sparkling title can open the mail. 

It needs brilliant writing skills to persuade readers to convert them into customers. 

The story, metaphor, and dazzling words are decorative elements of feature content. Can you use them with well-formed?

Creativity, in-depth research, and sound website help create content. 

Thanks for reading a long article. I wait to hear something from you. Or your experience that educates us. Leave a comment. Share for your people if you think it helpful for them. 


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