Start Making Money Online as a Freelancer


Didn’t the time come to you? You can earn money online. It shouldn’t be. Can’t be.

What is your biggest obstacle now? Don’t you know how to earn money online?

It is not a problem to be a freelancer. You are going to solve it now.

About freelancing, nothing comes to you without having a continuity.

You can’t achieve something you like without effort.

Time and money are two currencies each. You invest in bringing something you want, desire, and hope. 

How much can you invest then?

You don’t find out anything free, effortless, and faster online. This wrong mindset that pulls you back and pushes you to go nowhere. 

A realistic mindset is crucial to be success.

You have skills as little as possible, but yet you have. It seems like a green or red fire in the cave. Today I will ignite a flaming fire. 

I will show your sparkling diamond skill to people all over the world.

Can you click with a mouse? You can earn by clicking on ads from now on is your complete solution. 

Can you read English? Can you pick one out of many things? is your solution. You can make money from now on.

Do you know graphic design? If yes, wow! You have an opportunity to be a rich one.

If not, don’t worry. To learn graphic design is a matter of a month course. Fiverr gigs alone will make you wealthy.

Do you know English? Can you read and write well in English? Enough. It is more than enough. You have a golden opportunity to make money online Fiverr.

How much more I will explain that you have the skills anyway to make money online.


Freelancing, why didn’t you earn money even then?

Every learning has syllabus. On how much you learn and cover particularlyly freelancer topics. 

Every topic comes to your life one after one, according to the syllabus. 

You finish the syllabus within a defined period.  

After an exam, it defines your skills with a level of learning.

How to make money online by working from home as a freelancer?

People want to achieve freelancing skills in their ways by searching for learning on Google and YouTube videos.

You don’t get a syllabus. You can’t learn a topic list with a sequence that comes starting to hard levels one after one.

Thus, they never complete the course and don’t achieve the full business process. By searching for learning that makes you messy, day by day. 

You will lose your confidence that online income works for you. And the time will never come to you if you don’t have professional skills in a topic.

I observed more closely the matter people don’t want to learn. Learning makes them bored. They think everything is available on the net. 

They can’t search for what they need. Do you have a particular list of what you have to learn? So you always remain unskilled. 

Jon Morrow is the father of all senior bloggers over the world. He offered me to join his blogging course for a year with $10,000 as a course fee.

If I tell you, I have a blogging course that costs $10,000 for three months. What do you say? Do you agree to join? NO. NEVER.

Why do you spend that money, whereas all the information is available on the net? That is why we are online labor. 

Don’t you know about how you can earn millions of dollars from blogging, affiliate marketing, or digital marketing?


Freelancer: How many jobs are available on the net? 

Can you believe me? All unemployed people can earn money online. How? 

They need a precise, concise and real-world guideline. For example, if I tell you, earn $2 daily on by clicking on ads. Do you agree? NO. Almost NEVER you agree. Why? Daily $2 only?

But it is not for earning but for learning.  90% from over the world new bloggers are failures.

So far as I know, a full-time blogger can earn money to live after three years. 

But why do our people suddenly choose it? 

They can understand, they can earn passive income from affiliate marketing. 

They don’t know the required skills, time to wait for earning, and financial investment.  

What is the solution?  Get started today, and earn $2 daily and elevate your level up. Every Jobsite has a level-up system.  If you get started, with $2 daily, the time is coming soon. You can earn $100 daily from the Fiverr platform.

Online surveys can meet students’ need for some extra cash. After signing up on GPT sites, spend two hours, and get you paid for the efforts. Bring the extra income through payment.

Fiverr gigs are the best ways to make money online for freelancers. They can get good money to get paid to selling gigs.

Freelance writing is a way to make money online using spare time as side hustles. Freelance writers can make money fast, but not for the Get Rich Overnight scheme.


 Where to start? And how to start?

If you are fully new, read the post first.

How To Earn Money Online In 2020?

It makes you have a realistic mindset.  If you have graduated or above general educational skills, read the article and follow it.

If you have some skills, you also read the articles. 

How to Become a Top Rated Freelancer?


What is your biggest problem?

  • Dreaming
  • Thinking
  • Imagining
  • Planning
  • Choosing
  • Deciding

Everything above makes your setback. You don’t get started by thinking and planning day by day. 

Start from right now. Let it be done. Let me start. Keep doing. The outcome will come in time. Don’t think like this, you are a senior person, and you need a good job to earn handsome money.

You can wait to earn, but yet you never can earn. 

Remember! Your skill, effort, persistence, and patience drive you to get there at the right place. You keep you doing and going pushes you forward.

  1. How creative you are.
  2. How many hours can you spend daily?
  3. Are you regular in your job?
  4. Do you have patience?
  5. Can you invest money where it needs?

So don’t think over and over. Get started from now on and keep doing. Nobody can stand out online without having professional skills. 


Freelance jobs: What do you need to do now?

You need to come up with practice. Regular practice to improve your earning skills.  Be professional,  expert, and specialist on your topics as if nobody can come to compete with you. Follow the guideline blindly.

  • Read ten articles and watch 3-5 videos daily about And write one that you have learned. Thus, you go for one month. And earn alongside. 
  • Read ten articles and watch 3-5 videos daily about And write one that you have learned. Thus, you go for one month. And earn alongside. 
  • Read ten articles and watch 3-5 videos daily about And write one that you have learned. Thus, you go for one month. And earn alongside. 

These three months are for training purposes about online freelance jobs. You are learning to become a member of a worldwide company. 

Learn and then earn. Don’t fall into making money traps. Improve yourself continuously is the way to be a success. Earning money is a reward of your online discipline activities.


What is your focus point?

Believe me. I have passed 25 years on IT jobs. Now I am a full-time blogger. I spent two years in a closed-door to learn how to earn from blogging.

People come to you to get something unique solution for them. What do you have to give them?

If you know many things that seem like — you know nothing. Improve on micro-job-skills, nobody comes to compete with you. That is a root online earning secret, the micro-job ideas.  

For example, you want to be a digital marketer. It is a very tough topic for you. You should come down or make it narrow. 

Now you want to be a social media specialist. You can’t compete with international players. Make it one step narrow. 

You want to be a manager of Facebook for a company. That is my suggestion — you should make it one step narrow. 

You are a FB fan page specialist. You are right now. Thousands of jobs are on the net about creating Facebook business pages professionally. Trust me, you can earn decent money.

But you should come here so that you can do it. Nobody else over the world can do this like you. Can you give me a challenge?

Listen, 10 times I proved that I can get ranking pages with long-tail-keywords within 24 hours, a week or a month.

So pay focus on how to improve your skills day by day. Then you can promise and challenge with freelancing incomes.


The main take away:

  1. Learn and then earn.
  2. Three months you spend on learning.
  3. Get started with $2 daily on
  4. Then
  5. And then Fiverr as a freelancer
  6. Don’t make planning, imaging, and calculating.
  7. Get started from now on. Keep doing.
  8. That starting carries you forwards to your desired place and earning.
  9. Remember! Online has countless jobs for all classes of people. 
  10. Be honest, don’t spam, don’t fake and don’t do cheat with people.
  11. Help people, and then people come close to you.
  12. Keep doing. Money comes in time.


Conclusion: freelancing career

Your target market place is Fiverr. Select a micro topic. You can learn and earn faster. Nobody comes to compete with you. 

Get started with earning $2.  You can earn $10 daily from monthly.

Then get started for $10 daily. You can earn 20 daily. 

Fiverr is a place you target to earn $50-$100 daily. Yes, it is quite possible as a freelancing career.


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