The Best Blog Niches to Make Money in 2020

This post is all about the best blog niches that make money and get traffic.

If you’ve been thinking about starting a blog then you may have heard that it’s important to have a blogging niche.

A niche is simply a topic that you blog about. It can be broad, like fashion and beauty, or it can be more narrow, like cruelty-free beauty products.

So why do you need a niche? If you want to turn your blog into a business and make money blogging, you should have a niche. Having a defined focus for your blog allows you to create helpful, valuable content for readers while establishing yourself as an authority figure in your niche.

If you DON’T care about making money and just want to blog for fun, then it really doesn’t matter what you write about and you don’t need a niche. You can write about your life, your family, your pets, your favorite books, etc.

Need help deciding on a niche for your blog? This blog niche list will help! I put together this list of blog niches that make money, along with examples of successful bloggers so you can see exactly how much it’s possible to earn.

Here are seven blog niches that make money and drive traffic!

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The Best Blog Niches That Make Money in 2020

  1. Making Money Online

This is the niche I’m in, so I’m addressing it first. Blogging about how to make money online is a very profitable niche because there are so many opportunities for high-paying affiliates and creating your own digital products to sell.

It may seem like bloggers in this niche are making more than others… but that’s just because they are usually the ones talking about their earnings and publishing blog income reports. A food blogger or a fashion blogger would be a lot less likely to share their income, but if you blog about making money online then it makes sense to provide evidence of your results.


  1. Personal Finance

Another really popular niche for making money is personal finance. This is a broad niche that can cover many topics, like saving money, budgeting, investing, frugal living, side hustles, making money online, etc. (So as you can see there is a little crossover with the make money online niche.)

Some popular bloggers in this niche are:

  • Making Sense of Cents
  • The Busy Budgeter
  • The Savvy Couple

How much are these bloggers making in a month? Michelle from Making Sense of Cents earned $159,000. Rosemarie from The Busy Budgeter made $86,000. And Kelan and Brittany from The Savvy Couple made $11,000.

This is another niche that enjoys a high-income potential due to many reasons. You can easily get a lot of traffic leading to earnings from advertising networks. There are also a lot of high-paying affiliate opportunities in the finance niche. You have the ability to create and sell your own digital products. And finally, there are opportunities to work with brands on sponsored posts.


  1. Health and Fitness

Health and fitness is really a timeless niche that will always be popular because people will always be searching for ways to get healthy and lose weight.

The main ways that you can make money in this niche are ads, affiliate marketing, and selling your own products.

Some examples of bloggers in this niche are:

  • Avocadu (weight loss and healthy living)
  • Fit Mom Journey (keto diet)
  • Lauren and Alex from Avocadu made $20,000 in one month, while Gretchen from Fit Mom Journey made $10,000.


  1. Parenting

There are many topics within the parenting niche. Some bloggers choose to stay broad and write about many topics, while others focus on a specific area, like pregnancy, breastfeeding, or babies.

You can make money as a parenting blogger through ads, affiliate marketing, and working with brands on sponsored posts.

Here are some successful bloggers in this niche:

  • Mommy on Purpose
  • Swaddles ‘n’ Bottles
  • Easy Baby Life

So how much can you earn from the parenting niche? Let’s take a look. Carly from Mommy on Purpose made $5,000 one month. Caroline from Swaddles ‘n’ Bottles made $11,000. And Paula from Easy Baby Life made $4,000.


  1. Fashion and Beauty

Fashion and beauty are a really popular niche that has a high potential for making money. Many fashion and beauty bloggers are also “influencers” with a large following on Instagram or YouTube.

Some bloggers in this niche include:

  • Cruelty-Free Kitty (cruelty-free makeup)
  • The Chic Pursuit (fashion and beauty)
  • Maria from The Chic Pursuit made $4,000 in one month, while Suzi from Cruelty-Free Kitty earned $17,000 in a month.

This is NOT a niche known for sharing income reports, but it is safe to say that many bloggers are earning even more than this. Some of the most popular bloggers and influencers in the fashion and beauty niche are earning six or even seven figures a year through ads, affiliate marketing, working with brands on sponsored posts, and selling their own products.

  1. Food

Food blogs are notorious as being hard to make money from because most people are just looking for recipes and aren’t going to buy anything. However, while it can be harder to sell your own products or make affiliate sales, the high traffic potential of food blogs creates opportunities to earn a lot of money from ads. Sponsored posts are also really popular in this niche.

Here are a few successful food bloggers:

  • Pinch of Yum
  • Show Me the Yummy
  • Root and Revel
  • The Endless Meal
  • Whole Kitchen Sink

How much are these food bloggers making? Lindsay and Bjork from Pinch of Yum earned over $100,000 in one month. Bailey from Whole Kitchen sink earned $10,000. And Kristen from The Endless Meal earned $6,000.


  1. Lifestyle

Lifestyle is a catch-all niche that can take on a lot of different forms. Blogs in the lifestyle niche may include content related to fashion, travel, home decor, money, parenting, or other topics.

One popular direction for lifestyle bloggers to go is to become an “influencer” with a large following on Instagram or YouTube. This can lead to working with brands on sponsored posts. A lifestyle blogger with a good following can easily earn thousands of dollars per campaign with a brand.

Other lifestyle bloggers focus less on social media and more on their blogs and traffic, earning money from ads and affiliate marketing. There are really so many opportunities with this niche!

Here are a few lifestyle bloggers making a lot of money:

  • Just a Girl and Her Blog (organizing, decorating, DIY)
  • It’s a Lovely Life (family and travel)
  • By Sophia Lee (college, relationships, and money)
  • Chasing Foxes (literally everything)

How much are these bloggers making each month from their lifestyle blogs? Abby from Just a Girl and Her Blog made $41,000 in a month. Heather and Pete from It’s a Lovely Life earned $132,000. Sophie from By Sophia Lee earned $12,000. And Grace and Silas from Chasing Foxes made $19,000.

The beauty of having a lifestyle blog is that there are many different ways you can monetize it, and you can get a lot of traffic by writing about different topics and not being limited to just one thing.


What’s Next?

Deciding on your niche is the huge first step in starting a blog. Be sure to read about the most important things to do before starting a blog.


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