The Best First Blog Post: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All


The best first blog post is a matter for beginners. It needs an SEO checklist, post template or outline, subheadings layout. Sound hard?

Could I show you; you might learn how to write the best first blog post; after that, it wouldn’t be easy to write. The first blog posts are easy if you learn how to write.

Here I show you an effortless and striking method to wipe out fears and doubts on how to write a blog post. Sound comfortable, now?

You can show your entire blogging and writing skills in a blog post. Your blog post can discover your readers, and it turns them into valued customers.

To write the first blog post is the first job after how to start a blog.

WordPress is a blogging platform that has a rich dashboard to create a blog post for your blog. Blog content must be great content to drive traffic and search engine rankings.

Search engines want user intent content that optimizes search queries and visible on search engine results. Quality content increases search traffic, search rankings, and organic traffic.


How to write a great first blog post?

Read the following blog post ideas that help you to write the best first blog post, user intent and SEO friendly. 

The Best First Blog Post:

Writing skill:

Do you have brilliant writing skills? A blogger must be an expert writer. If you can write, compelling, seductive, and hook sentences, you are the best blog post writer for digital marketing. 

How specialist, you are on the post topic you write. If you don’t have in-depth niche ideas, you can’t attract and satisfy readers. Here is the place you show skills to your audience.

Improve your reader’s persuasive writing skill that helps to grow backlinks, content marketing, and the site authoritative.

Find your niche is a challenging job in blogging. Follow the passion to select your niche.


SEO optimization:

Do you have realistic ideas of updates SEO strategies, on-page SEO? SEO optimization shows your post on SERPs. User intent content is the best SEO metric. Search engine optimization strategies are nothing if your reader doesn’t read your post. 

Do you have a long-tail keyboard list? Do you create a content map? How to distribute your keywords aligned to a sale funnel layer? Then, your blog posts, nurture your readers. 

What are the relevant keywords you write? How to pick the best topic for your post? Do you know your keywords’ search volume? Whether the keywords are a low competition?

Do you have ideas of a blog post layout with keywords placement? You need to put the exact keywords in title, meta description, and slug URL. Other places are the first paragraph, subtitle, H tag, article body, and conclusion.  

Can you write an eye-catchy headline? Do you know about how to write the hook first lines, seductive first para, engaging article body, and enticing closing? Where and how to put perfect CTA. 

How to write a title tag with the attention-grabbing, perfect length, and SEO friendly? Do you know SEO slug? A meta description is an intensive part of the SEO metric. 

Do you know how to use images? High regulation image, how to compress it? Do you know the next-Gen image formats? Feature image is important for a post. You must use royalty-free images. 

A post length must be SEO friendly. 2000- 3000 word article is the best length. Don’t write words oriented post. Write user intent solution, more specific. When finished, the purpose is the right blog post length. It may be 1000 words or fewer. 

Here is what I show you how to create excellent first posts in your blog.


What are blog post ideas for beginners?

An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

  1. Blog post title: 

A post title is a higher part of a blog post. The post gets readers depending on a strong headline. The headline must be catchy and readers’ attention. It may be seductive when powerful, sensory, and emotional words included. 

Improve heading that is catchy post title at title tags, the rich snippet for search engine results on the first page, and making money blog.

The best title generating tool, I use it:  


  1. Compelling first lines.

The first few lines are a hook. The hook sentences catch the reader to pull into the post. And the reader keeps reading well to the end. How to write hook sentences is a matter of long efforts and practice.

To get content ideas, use the tool: 

Write your content’s keywords and find the best post list. Read them and write your post. 


  1. Subheads.

You can guess post idea to scan subheads. Subheads explain the title ideas. 

You need to put the keywords in the subhead. The subhead may have its subheads. 

Remember, most readers scan the subheads first. So you need to craft subheads worthy.


  1. Engaging body:

The object of a sentence leads the reader to the next sentence. The reader engages with your compelling text. And the reader can’t hear the mobile ringtone or door knocking sound. 

The reader reads the post as if ignoring everything else. You need more skills to write an appealing paragraph.


  1. Appealing graphics: 

Crafting content with graphical elements is a subtle design. Images must relate to the text. You put keywords on image name and alt-tag. Feature image attracts the readers’ eye focus.

Images make the post more weight. You need to compress them to make mobile-friendly. They are a powerful element, but maintaining them is difficult to manage page speed. So, it needs hyper-speed web hosting. 


  1. Call To Action.

Every post leads the reader to the next level to the sales. If you don’t put clean CTA, a reader reads the post and go away forever. Maybe the reader never came back again. So the first attraction must be actionable.

What do you ask readers from the post? To express your want is a call to action. To get a subscription for email marketing is a vital point. 


  1. Related internal link.

A relevant anchor-text internal link is a part of SEO. The internal link drives traffic from its domain. Internal link makes readers more engaging. Keywords anchor text internal links are the best SEO metric. 

Follow the Google webmasters guidelines to create content that increases link building, inbound links, and outbound links in your post. 

The internal link needs more contents and high-quality content too. 

Internal links with irrelevant and weak content negative hit the post ranking.

Keywords in the domain name and post URL is a highly effective SEO metric.


  1. External links:

An outbound link is an important SEO. You add anchor keywords text link to relevant another post. Google likes it. But be careful anchor keywords text must not be by your focus keywords. It hit negative your blog ranking. 

Relationship with the same bloggers and pro bloggers in your niche make your post ranking.


  1. High-grade meta description.

The meta description is a vital part of SEO strategy. You explain your point of view of the post by 160 the characters limit. Google can understand about your blog post. A reader can understand the purpose of the blog post from SERPs.  

Crafting a perfect meta description is an SEO skill. You need to learn how to write a meta description. Here you put exact match focus keywords as the best first blog posts. 


  1. Blog post slug and breadcrumbs: 

A post URL, permalink, and slug are the same things. Its perfect length and keywords included are SEO metrics. Be careful to write the slug.

Breadcrumbs are a map of blog posts, hierarchy architecture, and design.

Google can understand your blog design. You can set the breadcrumb links. 


Types of blog posts: 

start earning money online

People classify blog posts based on different points of view. “73 AWESOME Types of Blog Posts,” I found by googling. 

I leave to explain to them. Here I tell you the nearest blog post name.

  1. Best blog posts
  2. New blog post
  3. Top blog posts
  4. Popular blog posts
  5. WordPress post
  6. Sticky post
  7. Guest post

The Guest post is to get outreach traffic, off-page SEO metrics, and vital SEO strategy. You need to learn more tips on the guest posts. 


Promote your blog post: 

Nobody comes promoting your post. The post needs to reach its readers as much as possible.

Your posts are high-quality who tell you. The readers read your post and get engaged more time your post confirms it has value.

Social media sharing is the best and quickest method to boost the post over the world. How to achieve your post readers faster? How to grasp your post readers?

Automatically, you can share the blog post on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. You can manually share your post. 


Blog post comment:

Commenting is a persuasive weapon for bloggers. You can enter into your niche market by commenting. 

Bloggers help each other when they experience each other. How can you learn from each other? 

So blog post comment is the best tool to introduce to each other in your niche market. 

An insightful multi-line comment is an SEO metric. In contrast, spam commenting harmful to each other. Don’t approve irrelevant post comments. You must reply to post comments. OK?



Freelance writers have huge jobs if you can create hyper super-quality content. You can get blog post writing services if you cannot write. Many freelancers write blog posts for money.

Here is how to write best first blog posts. These are how to write posts strategies that help beginners. 

To write a brilliant blog post needs training and long experience. If you can complete a writing and blogging course, you can elevate your post writing skills with SEO strategies. 

From starting a blog, be careful of keyword research, ranking factors, and Yoast SEO with a white hat avoid black hat. You need to increase the click-through rate, Page Rank, and organic search.

Follow your post status through Google Analytics and Google search console, update your post and include new search queries in your post to get organic traffic.

Now I want to hear from you, how useful the post it is. Or the best ideas you have, we can learn from you. Leave a comment. 


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