The Best Off-Page SEO Techniques


To get your website to appear in top search results, you need a complete SEO strategy. You can’t focus on just one aspect or approach to search optimization. You must implement a well-rounded strategy that includes the 3 major types of SEO: on-page, technical, and off-page SEO techniques. Proper On-page and Off-page SEO optimization work will give a better position to your website in SERP, and do that, to be ahead of the tough competition, you need to use some high-quality SEO tools, such as Ahrefs, SEMRush, Moz Majestic, Google Trends, Uprank, and many others. I’ll assume that you’ve heard about these mentioned tools, except maybe the last one. It’s a great tool to improve precision in the audit process, relieving pressure on resources within clinical audit departments, and providing an automated mechanism for accurately processing survey forms. It takes care of meta tags, HTTPS security protocols, Internal linking, JS and CSS errors.

Anyway, back to Off-page SEO techniques. They can help your website appear higher in search rankings. But unlike on-page SEO, off-page SEO is not related to optimizing your site or content itself. Instead, it uses tactics off of your website to increase your website’s authority.

The Best Off-Page SEO Techniques

Link building is the most popular marketing technique deployed by professionals all over the world. It’s the most desired outcome of all – ok, to some extent. It is so important that, even though Google suggests that content is the #1 ranking factor, it’s often preferred by the masses over the principle of crafting and providing quality fresh content. So, build and chase quality links

Being active on social media

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram are the buzzwords of the day. They’ve never been so successful and strong in their entire existence. They surely know how to engage people, provide them with the means to be inspired and cheered up, serve them the friends they need (although, most of the time, available only in the virtual world), serve them the share and like they so much crave for. However, brands and online marketers seized the moment and saw in these social platforms the best playground for brand advocacy and promo.

The Best Off-Page SEO Techniques


Videos and images 

Videos and images are viral nowadays, so you should bet in them. How else do you think platforms like YouTube, Vimeo (video), Flickr, Pinterest, Photobucket (photo), Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat (video & image) have reached this far with their success story? Off-site SEO is about getting attention to your website thanks to outbound activities, unrelated to your page contents. Hence promote your business through videos, podcasts, infographics, quotes, etc.


Blog commenting

Blog commenting is an excellent off-site SEO activity that drives organic traffic to your website and SERP ranking. There are loads of article on the web on how to correctly do blog commenting and everything you need to know is one click away. Give your insight on topics, and attract attention to you, but don’t exercise comment signature. Just mention your brand inside the body of relevant and useful tips, and make its appearance relevant there.

The Best Off-Page SEO Techniques

In the end, well-done off-page SEO techniques increase brand reputation and authority. Be present, live this very moment to make your brand heard. Think of easy-to-understand ways to communicate your brand to your customers and attract them with quality services. Make them feel special. Learn how to talk to all customer segments or, at least, define your target audience, instead of floating around in the marketing space with no clue whatsoever.

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