The Best Way to Get Traffic to Your Blog: What Professionals Do


You might overwhelm on the website traffic, SEO tips on the net. Possibly, you might subscribe to tons of SEO advice sites. It might look like you become crazy in their newsletter. Ensured you didn’t have a clue to solve the SEO solution. Sound familiar? The best way to get traffic to your blog becomes a common hassle for new bloggers. Everybody writes their great success report building blog traffic.  

Here is what I show you exactly where are the problems stick with something. How can you get released from them?


The Best Way to Get Traffic to Your Blog: What Professionals Do

SEO Optimization Process

Are you ready in the best way to get traffic to your blog? 

Let’s go in deeper.

Do you know what people ask a common question? 

How to get more traffic to my blog? Look like a million bucks.  Here are blog traffic tips. We know about the following traffic names or sources.

  1. SEO traffic
  2. Facebook traffic
  3. Social media traffic
  4. Free traffic
  5. Blog traffic
  6. Organic traffic
  7. Direct traffic
  8. Referral traffic
  9. Local traffic
  10. Own domain traffic [Internal links].


SEO before start writing content:

SEO optimization

How to get more views on your blog? 


The high-quality domain-name included a keyword that is the first SEO step. Hyper-speed hosting plans are to get mobile-friendly is the second SEO step. 

Premium quality, lightweight, and responsive theme is the third SEO step. Configure the theme with WordPress so that the website becomes SEO oriented is forth SEO step. 

To create a Home page, About Us, and Contact us is the first high-quality job where you need to introduce yourself to achieve the business goal. 

Here is the place where you need to craft SEO strategies with subtle SEO ideas. Use keywords to get SEO optimized your site for search engines. Crafting the Home page is your fifth SEO step. 

How to get more blog traffic? You create an audience profile to understand your users. Keep learning the SEO basics to apply to your website. So continue learning online marketing and SEO strategies so you can improve your skills. 


Site health: Site traffic.

Website SEO Strategy

How to the best way to get traffic to your blog?


Your blog needs to be healthier. You need to keep the website healthy. Various unexpected errors occur on your blog day by day. You find errors in the Google search console. 

Page-speed, mobile-friendly, AMP, Breadcrumbs, and so on are the sources of the errors. You can find free tools on the net. The tools identify errors alongside guide you on how to fix them.

How to define errors and fix them that is your user experience. User experience is the SEO metric too. Google records your activities how much you are an expert to fix your blog. 

You have a blog that does not make you happy. A sick website never gives you a better performing result. Free online tools can detect your blog problems and tell you how to fix them faster. You need to keep your blog healthier. Otherwise, google sets a flag against your website ranking.

Google analytics tool is the best blog traffic tracker, checker, and provide statistics report. 

  • Keep your site healthier to gain traffic.
  • Optimize website speed to load your pages faster.
  • Keep your website design clean and clutter-free.
  • Improve your blog’s mobile-friendly.
  • Check your site with SEO Audit tools.
  • Explore the construction of the links of any website.
  • Detect duplicate content, broken links, and issues with meta tags.
  • Detect server-side errors.
  • Find pages low-speed page.
  • Create a sitemap.xml and configure it.
  • Improve website quality to get Mobile Usability.
  • You need a plugin for AMP confirmation for mobile users.
  • Breadcrumbs.
  • Site links search box.
  • Robots.txt
  • The healthier site can bring traffic to your blog. The website can’t drive traffic easier. Traffic can’t increase by one factor. Many factors together boost web traffic. Here is the answer to how to increase blog traffic?


On-page SEO: Website traffic.

Top 10 Websites to Make Money Online in 2020

The on-page SEO strategy is a second priority place. You can write well enough sentences are nothing gets Google noticed. Google wants SEO strategies to apply the right place.

  1. Organize your posts with a checklist.
  2. Do keyword research and create a content map.
  3. Write what your readers want to read.
  4. Learn to write great headlines.
  5. You write catchy headlines that included long-tail keywords.
  6. Subheads for explaining title offer and keywords included.
  7. Create reader intent content.
  8. Spread out your focus and related keywords across the post body.
  9. Follow SEO best practices.
  10. Help search engines find your site.
  11. Link out to other websites in your blog niche.
  12. Make internal linking with well-formed.
  13. Use a relevant category and tags.
  14. Find quality content that is ranking for your keyword.
  15. Add an SEO Plugin.

The above things make your blog post SEO oriented. Google can identify your blog and post. The audience and Google together understand the purpose of your blog and target of your post. Perfect use of on-page SEO strategies cause of ranking. 


Off-page SEO: Free traffic sources.

Why My eBooks Aren’t Bestsellers

How to build traffic to your blog? Activities outside of your website, increase ranking website. So off-page SEO displays your posts, drives more traffic, and rank your blog. 

  1. Link out to reputable sites in your niche. 
  2. Read other blog posts and leave thoughtful comments.
  3. You write a guest post on someone else’s blog.
  4. Start generating more backlinks.
  5. Connect to the community & spread over the word.
  6. And connect with bloggers who send you traffic.
  7. Respond to your blog comments thoughtfully.
  8. Build up your professional brand on Quora.
  9. Reach out to the right people.
  10. Guest blog for quality backlinks.
  11. Ask a link from someone else in a blog post.
  12. Generate backlinks.
  13. Use the website traffic estimator tool to get traffic status to look like a million bucks.
  14. Make something even better.
  15. The Google analysis tool gives you varied website traffic analysis and ranking status. 
  16. Stick to pillar articles.
  17. Refresh old content to increase blog traffic.
  18. Cross-link pillar content.
  19. Study the competition.
  20. And keep the audience engaged.

Be careful.  Everything should be natural, relevant, and on purpose. So a persistent effort with a patient makes your site, authority website. Don’t make a hurry. Don’t make it with a rush. Slow, but steady. Right?


Social media: Web traffic sources.

What is the Eligibility of Getting Monetization in Facebook

The social signal is an SEO metric. So total social engagements are a measure of how much your contents are user intent, your trust in your niche audience, and your skills. 

After publishing your post, share it at once. Because Google marks how often and how much your post can earn social engagement. Social media generate traffic to your blog.

  1. Explore other social networks.
  2. Share on social media.
  3. Auto share your blog posts.
  4. Share your blog posts on Facebook.
  5. Share your old articles on social media every day.
  6. Take part in online communities.
  7. Make your online groups.
  8. Track your website traffic and user engagement.
  9. Make social sharing easy.
  10. Use social proof to get more traffic.
  11. Check social media.
  12. Social bookmarking websites.
  13. Press releases.
  14. Syndicate to twitter.
  15. Syndicate to Facebook.
  16. And syndicate to LinkedIn.
  17. Use Hootsuite.
  18. Distribute your video.
  19. Add the retweet button to your posts.
  20. Consider sharing buttons on your website.
  21. Use social bookmarks.
  22. Auto-tweet new blog posts.
  23. Auto-tweet old blog posts.
  24. Pin your images to Pinterest.
  25. Call out new blog posts on Instagram.
  26. Stumble your content.
  27. Add sharing buttons to your site.
  28. Find and engage with influencers in social media.
  29. Get involved with Q&A session:
  30. Take part in the Q&A-websites.

Traffic from the social share is simple, faster, and not stable over Google traffic. SEO for SERP is the best traffic source. Pay more focus on organic traffic over social share.


Writing skills: Organic traffic.

How do You Write and Publish eBook

A blogger is a professional writer. Improve your skills writing for an eye-catchy title, compelling and reader’s persuasive writing. You write what your readers want to read, but not for Google. How to the best way to generate organic traffic to your blog?

 Traffic itself is nothing if your reader doesn’t want to read. Discover the audience’s problems, urgent, and obstacles. Write content to solve their problems. A brilliant article drives traffic to the website for years. 

  1. Pick a topic that attracts traffic.
  2. Craft an eye-catching headline. 
  3. Write seductive first lines.
  4. Create hook sentences to stay longer on your content. 
  5. Write motivational closing to make the reader into a customer. 
  6. Write Clean CTA to achieve the goal.
  7. Ask questions to make readers’ attention and engagement.
  8. Be funny and humor writer.
  9. Be smart to persuade readers.
  10. And be exceptional by writing great content.
  11. The second person in writing.
  12. Tell stories to hook readers and make them engaged.
  13. Make your content readable and improve the readability score.
  14. Utilize user-generated content. 
  15. Do keyword research to plan your content strategy
  16. Make an editorial calendar to write content.
  17. Add images, charts, infographics create visually attractive content.
  18. Blog consistently is the best SEO metric.
  19. Add videos to your articles
  20. Quality posts with SEO strategies.
  21. Convert visitors into subscribers,
  22. Email marketing is the best part of digital marketing.

Figure out how your audience searches for their solution on a search engine. People write keywords or long-tail keywords on Google search for what they need.  


Promote your post: Buy traffic for your blog.

What are the Free Fastest and Easiest Ways to Earn Money Online

Nobody comes to promoting your posts. You have valued content but no reader, what is the result. 

So you promote your post more than you write. Your post needs to arrive with readers. One engagement leads to more engagement.

So your blog post needs more readers. The bulk promotion makes your blog famous. Invest time, money, and energy on promoting activities. 

How to get visitors to your blog?

  1. Publish as often as possible
  2. Email broadcast
  3. Add a link in your email signature
  4. Include multiple subscription options on your blog
  5. Try article marketing
  6. Comment on blogs in your industry
  7. Do few guest posting
  8. Conduct surveys and polls
  9. Send your blog to directories
  10. Make a google profile
  11. Include links everywhere
  12. Go where your audience is
  13. Reach out to bloggers. 
  14. Always respond to comments
  15. Blog every day is the best way of persistent traffic.
  16. Use SEO keywords
  17. Offer to guest blog for other sites
  18. Enlist guest bloggers for your site
  19. Write clean, compelling titles
  20. Solve a problem
  21. Be more active in communities
  22. Create discussions
  23. Let people know about your posts
  24. Push notifications:
  25. Do influencer interviews. 
  26. Interview someone in your industry.
  27. Write something controversial.
  28. Make your posts definitive.
  29. Invest in your education.
  30. Use paid ads to attract traffic.

How to get unique visitors to your blog? Promote your post as much as you can. Your post needs more visibility for readers. If your audience doesn’t read the post, the bog has no value. 



How to the best way to improve traffic to your blog? Increasing traffic is not one job you can do. A healthy website is eligible for increasing your website traffic. A free online blog traffic tracker gives you traffic status look like a million bucks.

To make your site healthier, you can use various free online tools. Email subscription tool, you need to buy for the best service. It is saying, money is on the list.

On-page SEO helps Google to understand your website and post. Off-page SEO helps people to discover your website and post. 

Internal linking is the best source of traffic from your domain. 

To promote is vital. It makes your posts more exposure. To invest money in marketing is pure thought. 

I am waiting eagerly to hear from you. How useful the post, it is. Your best ideas you can share in our learning. So leave a comment. 


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