The Most Common Mistakes with Facebook Ads


Facebook advertising, when done correctly, can be a major asset to your marketing efforts. Facebook offers businesses a wide variety of advertising options to choose from, and with a network of billions of users, it provides the potential to reach tons of prospects.

However, there are a lot of moving parts that go into creating and maintaining successful Facebook advertising campaigns. If you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of the platform, it’s possible to fall into some pretty common traps. Here are some of the most common mistakes with Facebook Ads that I see businesses making time and again on the platform.

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The Most Common Mistakes with Facebook Ads


  1. Not using video to create your retargeting audience

Still boosting blog posts to create a relevant retargeting audience? Congratulations you’re wasting a ton of money.

You can pay 30 cents for someone to click-through on your boosted post to add one person to your retargeting audience.

Or, you can pay 1 – 3 cent for a person to view your video and get added to your retargeting audience.

That’s 10X – 30X cheaper.

With that said, you only want to retarget visitors who viewed a video for at least ten seconds


  1. Not using manual bidding

Most marketers don’t use manual bidding because it’s complicated to understand. Well, let me break it down.

Let’s say your company is willing to pay a maximum of $2.00/lead.

So, you set the bid price to $2.00.

But…there’s a problem.

The competition from all advertisers targeting your audience sets an average bid price of $3.00 (Facebook suggests bid prices to help you understand the average)

In this case, your add won’t be shown all the time.

The good news: Not all advertisers spend money on Facebook ads at the same time and the number of people from your audience active onFacebook changes.

As a result, the average bid price might fluctuate from $3.00 to $1.90.

In turn, your ad will get shown for only part of the day.

That’s okay if you put a giant budget behind your ads, so they’re in full force when they do get shown.

Learning lesson: Manual bidding will save you a lot of money – use it.


  1. Overlapping lookalike audiences from the same email list of a particular product purchased

You have two campaigns targeting lookalike audiences: 1%, 2%

The problem is your campaign hitting the 2% lookalike audience doesn’t exclude the 1%. This makes it impossible to identify how well your 2% lookalike audience performs compared to the 1%.


  1. Not putting the prospect’s desired result in your headline

“Become a better marketer”

“Get funding in 30 days”


  1. Not using community validation

“Join 10,000 other vegans”


  1. Not using branding validation

“See why Intercom, Autopilot, and Drip use us”


  1. Not using scarcity

“Only 30 left”

“Closes tomorrow”


  1. Not using emotional triggers

  • City of your audience
    • Prospect lingo (e.g. tech bros)
    • Smiling faces in your ad image
    • Relevant landmarks in your ad image (great for hyper-local marketing)


  1. Not using humor or controversy

The best Facebook marketers use humor and controversy in their ads (e.g. “tech bro” example)


  1. Not using square video

Square video converts better. Enough said.


  1. Not creating a separate ad set for each ad

Facebook turns off ads within an ad set too fast when they don’t perform well. Avoid this problem by having only one ad per an ad set.


  1. Not using third-party software to save you time when you have a large budget

Avoid paying an agency to run your ads for $5,000/month by paying AdEspresso $299/month for up to $50K/month budget.


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