The Petition to Ban PewDiePie from YouTube

Will YouTube ban PewDiePie?

A petition to ban white supremacist content from YouTube has singled out PewDiePie. Will YouTube ban PewDiePie? No. Well, for a couple of reasons.

First – The petition to ban PewDiePie from YouTube has 68,000 signatures. 68,000 people are nothing. You could get 68,000 people to agree to anything. Pewdiepie has 93 million subscribers. To put this into perspective, 63 million people voted for Donald Trump. PewDiePie’s videos get millions of views. Heck, even my videos sometimes get over 100,000 views. And you think 68,000 are a lot of people?

  • The population of Orlando, FL – population 230,000. That’s just one city in Florida and it already dwarfs the number of people who signed this petition!
  • The population of FL is 21 million. That’s just one state in the US.
  • The population of the US is 327 million. That’s just one country in North America.
  • The population of North America is 579 million. That’s just one continent of the Earth.
  • The population of Earth is53 billion.

The petition to ban PewDiePie from YouTube has 68,000 signatures and you think 68,000 are a lot of people? For Pete’s sake, my university had more students than there are people signing this petition!

So let’s get this one thing straight. This petition does not reflect the majority of people. It does not reflect the majority of YouTube users. It does not reflect the majority of PewDiePie viewers. Heck, it does not reflect the majority of anything! It’s a small group of people with a radical opinion.

Second – What has PewDiePie done to warrant being kicked off the platform? The majority of people who signed that petition signed it because someone said “Subscribe to PewDiePie” while committing mass murder. What has that got to do with PewDiePie? Do you think Pewds placed a gun in his hands, whispered delusions in his ear, and set his sights on his target?

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Ok, let’s change the picture

What if he had said “Tune in to CNN” while shooting people? Would there be a petition to shut down CNN?

What if he had said “Eat at Wendy’s” while committing murder? Would there have been a petition to close all of Wendy’s stores?

What if he had said “Barrack Obama was a good president” while doing the deed? Would there be a petition to punish Obama?

The answer is NO!

Because why would there be? Just because a crazy mass murderer says something does not mean it is true!


Ok, one more example

Billy watches Game of Thrones. He sees the Red Wedding scene and decides to go out and kill 50 people. While he’s shooting, he says “King in the North!” After the shooting, the police find his diary where it reads “I am committing this crime that is directly motivated by the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones.


Should Game of Thrones be punished?

They didn’t know someone would decide to kill people because of their scene. It was for entertainment for god’s sake!

Does the fact that this crazed individual decided to kill 50 people reflect more on his mental illness or the people he may have watched prior to committing the atrocity?


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