The Ultimate Guide On How To Blog


This blog post conveys blogging tips for beginners. It may surprise you, or it may excite you, or even it makes you delightful.


Blogging tips for beginners

Luckily, you are quite fit for blogging. It will work for you. Do you know? People reached there. What is your limitation?

So, you want to make money from blogging. It needs firm determination in you. It needs confidence. Persistent efforts with the patient overcome all constraints.

Don’t worry. Take action from now on. Keep doing. Don’t wait for the money. Pay focus on how to improve your skills for blogging?

Do your task with a full heart. Learn how to blog. And then earn money as you need.


How does blogging work?

How do Bloggers Make Money from Blogging

Uncover people’s problems in your niche audience. Discover the unique idea through research on how to solve their problem. Implement your idea in your field, experiment with it, and experience the result.

If you succeed, share how your solution solves your problem. Promote your solution to reach its readers.

When people read your solution, they get solved their problem-free of cost. Chances, you can prove your skills to your audience. Thus, people recognize you as an expert in your niche market.

That is why people keep trusting in you, your skills, and your generosity. When your readers get satisfied with your free service, they throw their money at you to buy what you offer them.

Now your sales market is ready. These are blogging tips and tricks for new bloggers.


How do you sell from your blog?

You help people for free is your fun. So the risk-free offer they grab.

“Hi, if I help people for free, how can I earn money from them?”

Here is the blogging secret. Few people are who can realize this fact. People want nothing free, but they have a fear of having losses. So they first choose a risk-free offer.

When they get satisfied with your free offer, they get familiar with you and your skills. Chances they trust in you. While they trust you, they throw their money at you to buy your paid offer.

Now your sales platform is ready. Your business wheel gets started moving. Thus, blogging works for you. When you solve your readers’ problems, they will help you buy your paid offer.


People don’t like ads, advertisers, and marketers



If your first aim is to sell products to your audience, you don’t make money online through a blog. People don’t take a risk buying products from strangers in the market. No matter how much quality your products have. No matter how cheapest you offer to your audience.

By default, they get confused about you as you are a newcomer in the market. People don’t buy online from strangers. People are smarter than you. They search for trusted sources. All online businesses get started with free offers, trial offers, and offer gifts to their readers.

Why? So people come close to you [strangers in the market]. They can measure you, your product, and your services through risk-free offers. If they find you committed, your offer is promising, your services make them satisfied, and they choose you as their buying source. Make sense for new blogger advice?


The aim of blogging

If your first aim is to make money, you can’t understand the secret of how blogging works. And the secret method is to help people for free.

90% of new bloggers are failures. The reason they can’t drive traffic. So people don’t know them. Their posts are sales pitches. They remained unknown to their niche audience.

People don’t have time to read ads. So they didn’t get a scope to prove your skills. The audience didn’t come close to you. They couldn’t use your solution to solve their problems.

You should write. Do you know how to write to make them happy?

You need a blog to write. Write about how to solve readers’ problems. It is your luck if you can understand blogging tips for beginners.


You learn how to write

You need writing skills, readers’ persuasive writing skills, and attention-grabbing. Write hook sentences on how to compel them to read to the end. You need to apply some strategic technique, a proven method, which works for you. How to keep readers staying longer in your pages.

Readers will bookmark your post. Your reader becomes back to your site as a returning visitor. They come to your site writing your URLs on the address bar. These are the signs of your trustworthiness.


What is SEO’s effect?

Tips to Get a Release Headache of SEO Keywords

The solution which people read more often is an SEO metric. Readers spend more time on your pages reading them. Readers stay longer, bookmark it, and increase return readers.

All SEO strategies itself is nothing if your readers don’t want to read your posts. Low bounce rate, long session duration, increase returning visitors, and boost direct traffic are primary measurements to get ranking. Write for readers, not for you, or even for Google.

Do you know what CTR is? Google wants more CTR on your page to get ranking.

You can also read: How to Write Blog With SEO Friendly Post Title?


People read what they look for solutions.

Write what your readers want to read.

Could you define your audience?

Did you create a reader persona?

If not, how can you solve their problems? Discover your audience’s problems. It needs research, in-depth research, and analysis.

How do your readers search queries?

What do they write for a search engine to get their solutions in SERPs?

That is a significant part of organic traffic, yet overlooking. It needs long experiences. Don’t make a hurry. Don’t wait for money in blogging. Wait to improve the skills that work for you. Finding ways of improving your skills is a non-stop learning process.

The outcome comes in its time when you become fit for earning money. Define readers’ problems, fear of loss, and heart-burning pain. How to keep them happy, increase their wealth, and reduce their efforts to gain more output, write to solve them. People sprinkle their money on you.

That is the way to make money online from blogging. Improve writing skills before launching your blog. The guide is for new bloggers.


Have you ever proved your writing skills?

2000 a Week From Your Laptop

You know you can write. It needs proof. Write 100 articles on your blog niche and publish them on LinkedIn. Share them on social media.

How often do your posts get engaged?

How many people read it?

Why do people share your articles with their community?

Do you have an obvious answer?

You need a subtle crafting hand to write what people want to read. Don’t launch your blog if you don’t have the writing skills. Otherwise, your blog will be a constraint to develop your writing skills.

You will become busy with your blog. You can spend the least time writing exercises. If so, your blog doesn’t work for you.

Remember! When you become a brilliant writer, your blog runs faster than you desire. Blogging becomes fun for you. You can drive traffic quicker.

Do you think you can write well enough? NO. Prove it right now.


Blogging tips for beginners: Do you have mentors?

Make relations with pro bloggers in your niche who are successful in blogging. Learn from them. If you keep yourself around successful people, you can learn how to succeed.

I have at least ten mentors across the world. Topics wise, writing mentor, SEO tips mentor, social media mentor. I learn from them. I read their blog almost daily. Don’t learn from here and there.

Once I was watching SEO tips on YouTube. When I heard first, click on the subscribe button, I can measure his earning source is YouTube. He doesn’t earn money from SEO. So I stopped watching.

Learn who arrives there. Those people have proven ideas. You need to learn proven methods.

I learn first from the right place and person. Then I implement what I learned in my real life through the experimental process. When I become successful, I share it with my readers. The reader gets the result immediately. That is because the idea is proven.



Blogging tips for beginners. Help people for free. Make relationships and connections with people all over the world.

Discover their problem, write a solution to solve their problems, and thus people come closer to you. Chances are they keep trusting in you.

When they know you, and your skills, and keep trusting in you, your selling platform is ready.

Great! Your business wheel is to get started moving.

That is your goal, your aim is to reach there and become successful.


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