Top 10 most popular blogs


Something becomes popular because it provides overwhelming information; the same thing goes to recognizing popular blogs. Blogs become popular because the author mainly addresses issues concerning the market, politics, products, and entertainment matters. And behind every blog’s popularity is definitely a high-paying AdSense keywords.

In this case, let us have the top 10 most popular blogs that were rated according to the authority and influences that the blog possesses.


Top 10 most popular blogs


  1. The Breaking News and Opinion on the Huffington Post which typically adheres to political issues and world news.
  2. The TechCrunch that mainly talks about profiles and reviews of the newest internet products and companies.
  3. The Gizmodo, the Gadget Guide which by what the title suggests the blog about anything about gadgets like reviews, photos, helpful articles, and anything about what technology has to offer.
  4. The Engadget is a blog that is all about the latest and breakthrough gadgets. Articles, breaking news, and other feature stories are provided in this that is all about gadget and its role in technology, entertainment, lifestyle, gaming, finance, and sports.
  5. The Boing Boing which is a blog that tackles cultural curiosities and interesting technologies of the world’s varying cultures.
  6. The Lifehacker, tips and downloads for getting things done blog is all about how to do things in smarter and efficient way.
  7. The Ars Technica is also a blog that inform people about the Art of Technology and features like news, analysis, and in-depth coverage of the technology itself.
  8. The ReadWriteWeb blog that is responsible in providing Web technology news, reviews and analysis of technological products and the companies that manufactured the products.
  9. The Icanhascheezburger blog that offers a wideranging information about cats and other animals that include stories, photos, and funny quotes.
  10. The Mashable! blog has been recognized as the number one social networking and social media news blog in the world.

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