What is Online Passive Income and How do you Create This?


Probably you hear people on the internet talking about “passive income”. But what is online passive income actually and how do you can create this?

That is what I want to tell you on this page. I will also tell you what it is not and share a few pitfalls with you. We will see why a passive income online is no longer a myth and nowadays everyone can start earning money online.

There are many ways to find on the internet that are described as passive, but this is not at all.

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The Truth About Passive Income

The truth? There are few ways to generate a passive income as people think.

To generate a large flow of passive money and to earn money while you sleep, we need a lot of work. Many people are not willing to learn this.

Yet another part wants to learn, but then do not take any action to make money online.

Do you learn from the best and do not give up?

Chances are you will make a lot of money in the longer term.

There is no one telling you that you can not scale up anymore.

That you have earned enough now.

That is why today literally kids earn a ton of money per month online.


What is Online Passive Income?

Online Passive Income

You probably know that with the online passive income we mean the income that comes automatically through, for example, a website or share.

These are fully set up on or with the help of the internet, so online.

What does passive income mean even more? It means that you create certain streams of income that generate money even while you sleep.

Streams that you pay when you sleep when you are at the beach or when you are in a restaurant.


Online Passive Income Example

A good example of passive income is the story of Jacko Meijaard. He regularly goes on vacation and has a completely free life thanks to the internet.

Jacko literally comes home with more money when he has been on vacation. All thanks to all the passive income he has set up himself.


How You Can Create An Online Passive Income?

Now that you know what passive income is exactly, I will briefly tell you how you can start setting up money flows that can make you literally dormant.

Passive income can of course also be generated by, for example, investing in shares or options. The big disadvantage of this is that you need a lot of starting capital. Something that most people do not have.

If you have no assets yet and know little about the entire financial world, there are better options for a passive income as a beginner.

What you first need to know is that it is difficult to start several passive income streams. If it was easy if everyone does.

The biggest problem is, what we also see a lot on the forum, is that most people stop too much.

They see no result for their efforts in about three weeks and then stop doing it. Often with an excuse like: “That they now have no time”.

How should it be? Read it below.


Online Passive Income


STEP # 1 – Select Your Online Passive Income Idea

Your first step towards creating a passive income stream is to choose an idea.

Which idea suits you depend on several things. We assume that you, like 99% of people, do not have tons on your bank and can not invest much.

How do you start with a passive income? What you have to realize is that your knowledge is literally worth money.

Which subject do you know a lot about? What are your passions?

These are questions that you have to answer for yourself. This is very important. When you are doing something with a lot of fun, you will also drop out less quickly.

Choose a niche (a group of topics) in which you feel comfortable.

Some examples of niches that deliver the most with affiliate marketing are:

  • Health & Weight loss
  • Online Marketing
  • Do it yourself
  • Dating
  • Sport
  • To sleep
  • Baby & Child
  • Personal care

When you as a hobby or professional have much knowledge about within the above niches, you’re actually certain that you successfully passive online income can build.

Billions of dollars are being used in these online information markets. There are sites that virtually literally generate thousands of dollars per day.

I find a good example in the health niche: avocadu.com

We also call this a successful affiliate website. It contains valuable information that really helps people and they earn hundreds of dollars per day with this site.


STEP # 2 – Set Goals

Another important step that you have to take is to set a goal for yourself.

This can be for example:

“At the end of 2020, I want to have at least 500 dollars per month of passive income online .”

You must understand that you should not doubt for too long a passive income. Delay is coming from the postponement.

An idea can only become a reality if you take action! Write the goal literally on an A4 sheet. Research has shown that a goal that you have in mind is worth nothing at all.

And you do not want to fail. Write them down and go in detail. If you need help in setting your goals in this area, please let us know in a comment under this article.


STEP # 3 – Plan Your Steps

Now that you have decided for yourself to set up an online passive income and have set a goal, you must plan your steps.

How do you go from point A to point B? What are the actions that must be taken to achieve your goal?

How much research do you need to do based on your current knowledge?

When you are a beginner you can, for example, choose to start with the Affiliate Marketing guides. That is an online video training that teaches you step-by-step how you can build an affiliate website yourself.

Do you already make money with affiliate marketing but are you looking for further steps?

Then you can look for example at the Masterclass of Smart Passive Income.

Planning your steps helps you to close that gap between your dreams and reality.

Your dreams are closer than you think. You only need consistent action and perseverance over a longer period of time, that’s all.

When you know what we need to make your dreams come true, chances are that you will also get them.


STEP # 4 – Have a Back-Up Income

It is of course not the case that you can earn a lot of money with this method right from the first week. That is foolishness. Proces of building online passive incomes take a lot of time and action.

Do not, therefore, resign from your boss to do this full-time. It often takes at least a few months before you start earning money via the internet.

This is also one of the biggest reasons why most people give up quickly with the road to a passive income. They see no direct result.

So, in the beginning, it really looks like a sideline job or project that will grow slowly. An hour a day is sufficient.


STEP # 5 – Research People Who Have Success

One of the best ways to become successful is simply to investigate people who have already achieved the success you want.

Read books and follow them on social media. Buy courses and ask them questions.

In order to succeed, you must become a kind of detective. Who currently earns a full passive online income? What are the tricks and ways in which they do this?

When you are behind this, it is a question of giving your own twist to it. Nothing more, nothing less.


STEP # 6 – Find A Community With Other People

Another important step in creating a passive income online is actively taking part in an online money making forum. For example, the Internet Success Guide forum (link) that we discussed earlier on this site.

This is important because these are places where you can exchange experiences, ideas, and knowledge with “fellow sufferers”. Often a group of motivated intelligent people who are completely ready to work for a boss.

Do not be afraid to ask for advice from the people on these forums. Everyone goes through a labyrinth of new terms and issues where you can use some help.


STEP # 7 – Scale-up Scale up!

If you have earned your first dollars passively online with the above steps, you will never forget this moment.

The nice thing is that you can scale up nicely. There is no limit on the number of websites you can have. There is no boss who will tell you that you have earned enough now.

If you can earn 1 dollar online, you can also earn 10 dollars online. If you can earn 10 dollars, you can also earn 100 dollars, and so on.

We can scale almost everything in the online passive income up. More visitors to a website means more commissions. More commissions mean more money. More money means that you have more money to make MORE websites (or have them made).


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