What is the Best Method to Make Money Online?


The easiest method to make money online is by starting an affiliate marketing website.

This is what I did to initially build enough cash flow to quit my job.

Let me explain exactly how it works this method to make money online.

I changed my mindset from “trading time for money”, to building assets that generated passive income for years to come.

In 2015 I made it a goal to quit my job and start making money online.

My sole focus was to build websites that would rank in Google for specific keywords.

I would then recommend other people’s products on my websites I felt they would interest these searchers in.

For example, I made a website about dental care at the time and could rank for the keyword “best water flosser”.

I then recommended several good water flossers from Amazon to my audience whenever they landed on my website.

Every time any of these people made a purchase on Amazon, I would get a bit of commission.

Doing this again, and again, I could build up a passive income of many thousands of dollars per month.


(Below is a screenshot of the income just one of these sites generates)

This process allowed me to quit my job, live life on my terms, and start traveling the world.

It started with just $3–5 per day online but eventually grew into much more than that.

The best part is that it doesn’t take much money to get started.


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