What is the Biggest Challenge of eBook Publishing?

Having worked with many self-publishing authors as a nonfiction editor, undoubtedly the biggest challenge I’ve seen is getting the ebook into readers’ hands. I’ve watched so many authors dedicate a huge amount of time to writing a great book, but then they publish it and barely anyone reads it because the author doesn’t know how to market the book.

What is the Biggest Challenge of eBook Publishing?

Unlike with traditional publishing where a reader might stumble across the book in a bookshop, e-book publishing relies on the author knowing where, when, and how to advertise the book so it appears on readers’ paths. It means knowing the keywords that readers are searching for, knowing the right platforms to promote the book on, understanding how those platforms work, and having a wide network of followers to promote the book to before you publish.
Authors who have no platform when they publish really struggle with these aspects and even those who have a platform aren’t guaranteed sales. Indeed, many authors don’t start promoting the book until after it’s published, which is too late and leaves them on the back-foot.
The difficulty isn’t just getting the book noticed in the first place, but ensuring that the sales content is compelling enough for people to buy it. This means being able to write a persuasive blurb and Amazon description, knowing your USP against your competitors, understanding how to price the book competitively, being able to hook the reader, and so on. They’re often competing against established authors, not to mention up against the thousands of new books published every single day in their category.
Yes, there’s some decent information out there on marketing a book, but it takes a lot of time to separate the wheat from the chaff, absorb the good content, and learn how to apply it. And none of that is easy—if it was, then most marketers would be out of a job. My best advice is to hire a knowledgeable, experienced book marketer who understands the platforms, the genre, and your target readers. That way, you give yourself the best chance of readers actually finding and buying the book.


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