What is the Ideal Length of YouTube Videos?


That famous “how long is a piece of sting” is so annoying. And when it comes to making YouTube videos and their length, you hear it a lot. So if you want to know the ideal length of YouTube videos and to buck the trend, we’re going to throw the string away and give you some more exact answers that don’t involve string.

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What is the Ideal Length of YouTube Videos?


  1. Check out the competition’s videos on the same topic

If you’re making a how-to video and all the competition’s videos are 20 minutes on the same topic, and you think you can make it more informative, entertaining and actionable in less time, do that!

We want fast tutorials, so the shorter the better as long as the info is detailed enough.


  1. Set yourself a time challenge

Why not call the shots and set your own length?

You might make it that you always want your videos to be 10 minutes long. YouTube loves that number, and if you have a time limit to stick to, it’ll force you to get more creative to either pad it out or cut out the parts that don’t work as well.

Your 10-minute show could become known by your fans as always being that time, and it could even become a thing you promote yourself on. Ten minutes Terry, that’s what they’ll call you.


  1. Don’t get hung up on watch time

If you feel like you’re making your videos because you want to get more watch minutes and for no other reason then stop.

YouTube channel is about your viewer, so you should make the length of your videos suit them. But if you want more watch time, then you need to set up your end screens correctly and pass viewers on to the next video in the series.


  1. Test the various length of YouTube videos

There was no doubt been a big shift in the way people watch YouTube videos. The advice was always to keep it short, but it’s no longer relevant.

YouTube and Facebook are both encouraging creators to make longer videos, and people will spend longer watching videos on their phones than ever. We’re just getting used to the tiny screen experience.

Mix up your video lengths. If you get more likes, comments,  shares, and subscribers from your shorter videos, then maybe you should stick to that time frame. 

Don’t just test for audience retention here and watch time stats though, these figures can mean multiple things, you’re looking for actual interaction with humans outside that.

For this purpose you could even ask your followers what they prefer!!


  1. Make it shorter

It’s much harder to create something shorter than it is longer, sounds crazy right? Well, I could have stood here for 10 minutes talking about this in one take, even though I’m sitting, and there would have been loads of repetition and waffle. Which makes videos boring.

Cutting the stuff out that adds no value is time consuming and can be hard! You get attached to things, but sometimes your YouTube videos just might have gone too far. Now you need to be brutal and ask yourself “does this video section really need to be here.”

As your 3 minute long intros saying hello and who you are or your 20-second logo stinger.

You can see why it’s so hard to pin down an exact video duration time. For us, it’s about a lot of short content and using playlists and end screens to put the videos in the right order for people and then send them there to learn more.

That way they don’t have to wait half an hour for the information they really wanted to see. And the content is under their control.


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