What Should You Do If You Want to Make Money Online?


If you want to make money online, should you start a blog, sell a product, become an affiliate marketer, or create a YouTube channel? How much time will you need to devote to each idea?

Either starting a blog, selling a product, becoming an affiliate, or starting a YouTube Chanel all lead to one thing – affiliate marketing.

You can do either option and make money through affiliate marketing. To sell someone else’s product or promote your own, you need to focus on a traffic channel – hence a YouTube channel or blog and in other cases a social media channel.

What Should You Do If You Want to Make Money Online?

If you asked me, I would start with blogging as a beginner and really for experts too. The reason?

  • it’s a low startup cost
  • A website serves as a reference point where people can find you
  • Virtual real estate means it’s your land/property
  • If your camera-shy, it’s a good place to begin
  • Search engines pick up your content thus giving you higher search rankings = more traffic = more eyeballs on your products

There are many more advantages of having a blog but these are the important ones. Also, if I ever decided I wanted to turn it into an e-commerce type site(if need be or want) you could via Amazon niche sites.

Yes, blogging can write-intensive but once you learn the skills, and you have the right templates in place – it will be easier for you and it will surprise you how much you can get done. I don’t come from a writing world, heck I have more of a mathematical mindset/background but I started a health and wellness blog in the lower back pain space for an amazon niche site and it has changed my confidence, outlook, and the results have been great.

This is what you can do if YOU put your mind to things. With YouTube, you can do it via affiliate marketing too. By review products, you can place your links in the description.

As far as devoting your time, you will want to do your market research for products, think more about your niche and if it’s profitable(not just an interest or passion), and then create the surrounding systems with a search engine traffic.

In the beginning, research can take a day, it can take weeks depending on what your skill level is, devoting time to gain the traffic all depends on your CONSISTENCY upon taking action, and usually 2–4 hours a day or so at the beginning each day.

Define your “why” you’re doing this and schedule, so whenever you feel like you’re getting distracted you can reflect and continue to find traction.

Stay consistent ok? I see a way too many people give up right away or after a month because google or other traffic sources are not working for them, when in fact you have to put in effort and understand that with a blog, you’re in the “sandbox” up to the 6th month so google can trust you. And then they give you more authority.


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