Why is it Difficult to Make a Living Online?


This is the common problem I notice with people trying to earn money online and then after some little effort, they start thinks it’s very difficult to make a living online.

Why is it difficult for the average person to make a living online?

I’m going to identify the three common mistakes newbies make (and the ONE thing you can do to increase your odds of succeeding).

If you recognize these common mistakes and delete them from your character – you should be able to make good money within 3 to 6 months.

Mistake 1: Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS)

Shiny Object Syndrome is the act of pursuing one new opportunity after another without ever investing the time needed to actually succeed with one.

It’s the most common problem facing newbie online entrepreneurs when they trying to make a living online.

And it’s very tough to shake.


Shiny objects are blinding. And with how fast the internet works – new opportunities and shiny objects are popping up every single day.

From drop shipping to E-commerce to Amazon Affiliate niche websites to freelancing – it’s easy to pick a business. But it’s hard to stick with it.

And that’s because once you pick a business – you’re bound to come across a friend who is making A LOT MORE MONEY with an entirely different business opportunity.

(Meanwhile, you’re itching and clawing every single day without making a single dollar.)

So what do you do?

Your mind starts to question and wonder if you’re in the right business. And soon you realize you must be in the wrong business. You then pack up and set sail for the new, ‘exciting’ business venture.

This is a shiny object syndrome. And it affects most newbies–it’s not only blindly–but it’s also very costly.

In fact, it’s why most online entrepreneurs WILL NEVER earn a single dime.

Mistake 2: Unrealistic Expectations

The second common mistake is most newbie entrepreneurs enter a new business venture with unrealistic expectations.

Instead of getting a real feel for how much time, effort, and the dedication it’s going to take to reach success – they assume it’s going to come quick and easy.

And it’s not entirely their fault for thinking like this.

We’ve become a society that sells quick fixes.

Just look at all the ads you see all over the web – it seems like every ad can teach you how to make $36,403 in one week or lose 30 pounds in five days.

This is BS of course, but it unconsciously conditions us to expect quick results and big money right after we launch our new business venture.

It doesn’t work like this. Obviously.

Mistake 3: No Action

A lack of consistent action is the main reason why people fail to make a living online.

It’s easy to think about making money online, but it’s much harder to execute. And when I say execute, I mean really execute.

  • Thinking about starting a new business…
  • Reading about starting a new business…
  • Coming up with logos….
  • And spending days and hours obsessing over the name of your company…

Isn’t going to get you anything. This isn’t really ‘execution’.

Only REAL execution will make you money.

Yet most wannabe entrepreneurs spend all their time on ‘low value’ activities instead of doing the ‘heavy lifting’.

This is why they fail and think that is difficult to make a living online

In order to reach true success, you have to develop the right habits and consistently push your business forward. Every single day.


Because of consistent action compounds. By taking action every single day, you’ll notice each action compounding on top of the one before. And that’s when you’ll see your efficiency soar and the big money start coming in.

So what you have learned?

Right now there are A LOT of opportunities available to make money online. And this will ultimately be the downfall of far too many people. They’ll end up chasing all the opportunities and never getting anywhere.

In order to be successful online you’ll pick ONE SKILL you can MASTER and stick with it until the sky caves and your lungs give out. If you can make this commitment – you’ll magically double your chances for success INSTANTLY.

And you’ll be one of the few people who ACTUALLY make money online.

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