Why is it so Difficult to Earn Bitcoin?

It is so difficult to earn bitcoin because it’s about 10k and will only raise.

We are now witnessing some kind of “standstill”, but there are some reasons for this. You need to look at the situation considering what has happened this year and what are the reasons.

They differ significantly from those that were a catalyst for growth 2 years ago. In 2017 it kept everything on speculation. Bitcoin (BTC) rate grew daily and was based on the confidence of people that tomorrow it will be even higher. They built the classical financial pyramid.

Now the situation is different. People who made such mistakes are already suspicious of the growing market, so this growth factor was not as significant as a couple of years ago. Now everything is based on institutional investors, on professional market players, who carefully analyze everything before investing their millions, and do not expect growth only because bitcoin was lower yesterday and the day before today. We can rely on their actions.

The confidence of these guys is based on the facts, not pure expectations. So, they rely on that fact, that blockchain is becoming one of the most popular technologies in the bank sphere, on the fact that already entire cities use the blockchain in everyday government matters. On the fact that even altcoins become so strong that can release its own blockchain and social network (as, for example, SilentNotary with its Ubikiri), they are not on an ICO level.

It can be concluded that now everything is not as shaky as it was before. We can trust this growth.

In the beginning, I mentioned that there are reasons for stopping the growth (there was a slight correction, then growth again, then correction again, then growth again, etc.). The cost remains at about the same level.

This is another factor of a healthy market – another peak he has conquered, and relatively, it takes time to get himself comfortable and continue to grow. This is kind of rest for bitcoin.

This will be the new low point. Therefore, further, we will observe only growth.


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