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Being a YouTuber is not just about creativity and talent anymore. Obviously, those are some of the most important aspects, but there are many other things that have been added to the list.

Most YouTubers produce content or start their YouTube channel with a hobby or interest that they have. Some of these could include cooking, blogging, travel, fashion, beauty, or technology. Once they start this, many think about making this their main career and way of living as well.
When a YouTuber makes this decision, they also have to start considering the ways in which they can actually convert their hobby into a profession. Learning skills such as shooting and editing, creating fillers, jingles, and intros using YouTube intro maker and other editing software is also essential. Also, they have to start learning about ways to monetize their interests and start earning money from it.

When you initially start this research, you will come across many articles and blogs about how to earn money from your YouTube channel. Since many people read this and start posting their own interpretations, this can lead to many ways in which myths start getting circulated. If not this, these myths can be generated from the perceptions people have had even before looking up the right facts.

The following facts will help you debunk any myths that you have regarding earning money on YouTube and help you make an informed decision as to how you want to go about the process.


YouTube Myths

YouTube Myths

Myth 1: Just Posting Videos Will Get Me More Money

Fact: YouTube has a certain set of guidelines that a creator needs to follow in order to actually earn money from their channel. Before you upload any videos, you need to enable your channel for monetization. This essentially means that you, as a creator, are open to having ads and sponsorships on your channel. As a creator, you need to sign up for AdSense, which is a program run by Google so that they can place ads on your content.

You also need to monetize your future uploads with this. This can be done by turning on all ad formats as your default. Also, not every creator or not every type of content will be able to generate or welcome ads. The videos you upload have to be aligned with or work under the advertiser-friendly content guidelines. If only your content falls under these guidelines, you can run ads on your videos.


Myth 2: A large number of Ads or Subscribers Lead to More Money

Fact: It is generally believed that once you hit a certain number of subscribers or get a certain amount of ads, you can start making money easily off of YouTube. This is only partially true. Although an increased amount of subscribers and views will lead to more ads, these ads won’t necessarily generate more income.

You start earning money when you get more clicks on your ads or when your viewers do not skip your ads. Also, Youtube does not run ads on all your videos. If you have around one hundred videos on your channel, YouTube will not show ads on all these videos. They will probably run ads on about 20-30 videos in all. So, keep your uploads consistent and upload according to the number of videos you want to have ads in.

Myth 3: I Have to Give a Cut to YouTube for Sponsorships

Fact: This is a myth that predominantly exists among new and younger YouTubers who still haven’t completely discovered the platform. When it comes to ads, surely, you need to provide a cut to YouTube because you are running the ads using their platform.

But when it comes to sponsorship, creators do not have to provide any cuts whatsoever to the platform. The reason for this is that the brands you sponsor have discovered you on the basis of your talent, and merely advertising them through your content in videos does not entitle the platform any cuts. The entire income from sponsorships goes directly into your own pocket.

So, although it is more difficult to get sponsorships for yourself than it is to run ads on your channels, we recommend that you push for it and aim towards it. Gradually, with time, as your channel grows, you will attract sponsors, and that will definitely increase your income.


Myth 4: YouTube Premium Won’t Put Money in my Pockets

Fact: This is another myth that is common among creators, but it is false. Another myth that goes with this is the fact that you have to pay YouTube to be featured on Premium. This, again, is false. The money earned through YouTube Premium subscriptions is used to give your users an ad-free experience and also support your content.

In short, you will earn money if you get the chance to put your content on Premium. This income acts as a secondary revenue system where creators can earn from Premium content with their already pre-existing content on YouTube that is run along with ads.

So, if anything, Premium does not take money from you, but instead, it acts as a source of extra income, although most creators get featured here only after a certain amount of subscribers and a large fan following.

Myth 5: I Can Only Generate Income Through Ads

Fact: Being a YouTuber comes with its own set of unique ways of earning money. The main advantage of being a professional in a new and improved digital space is the fact that you are not restricted to a single source of income.

You can earn through multiple sources such as sponsorships,  super chat, merchandising, etc. Super chat basically means that your fans can pay money to get their comment pinned during live streams. Also, merchandising means that you can partner with other companies and create your own phone covers, t-shirts, and accessories for your fans. This, too, helps in the generation of a huge amount of a YouTuber’s income.


Additional 8 YouTube Myths

Set Up Your YouTube Channel To Earn Money

Every history comes complete with mythology, naturally, and YouTube’s history is no exception. Here are some myths that surround YouTube, and we hope to dispel them now.

  1. All the good ideas have been taken.

That would be impossible, as brilliantly creative videos appear on the site all the time.

  1. You can’t make money with YouTube.

Stick with us, and you’ll meet people who do.

  1. Sophomoric videos are the most popular.

No, they’re just the ones that get all the attention. Actually, according to the online video market re­search company TubeMogul, YouTube’s most popu­lar video category is Autos & Vehicles.

  1. Only teens and college kids use YouTube.

Yes, the under-30 market is well represented, but so are even younger and also older demographic groups. People of all ages help videos go viral by e-mailing them to friends and relatives and posting them on Web sites.

  1. YouTube is just for fun.

That’s like saying there’s nothing “educational” on TV, the newspaper only contains the comics, and the Internet is only a vast wasteland of porn and perversity.

  1. YouTube celebrities, like all celebrities, are “different” from the rest of us.

Not at all, in fact, most are even more average than the majority of us are.

  1. YouTube is a video free-for-all with no order to the chaos.

If you opened a vast reference book and jumped in without using the table of contents or index, you’d have to be prepared to waste some time. There are many ways to find what you’re looking for on YouTube without just aimlessly browsing (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

  1. To make money on YouTube you have to show some cre­ativity and be prepared to work hard.

Oops, that one’s no myth. It’s completely true!



Becoming a YouTuber is a tough task, and getting famous and earning more money is even tougher. So while you are trying to work on that, why not also improve the quality of your videos by editing your content using a good and reliable YouTube clip maker?

This will help your content aesthetically while also generating a larger fan base, more views, and eventually a good source of income. Till then, focus on your content, how you want to market yourself, and stay cautious of the myths around you, and finally, you will have curated a perfectly good channel.


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